Crystal Healing- The Guide to Redemption

Crystal Healing- The Guide to Redemption

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Find what you truly seek, manifest your greatest desires and let Crystalroma guide your heart, body, mind and soul in this easy to use Crystal directory E-book.

From Chakra to the history of all your favourite crystals, we go into depth on all aspects of crystal healing, how to get the best results and reaching contentment.

 Get to know the Crystal world and understand how Crystals can be used in multiple ways. We teach you to follow your own path in life.


Our E-book is included in every Crystalroma purchase FREE OF CHARGE. 

Click here to get your Crystalroma Humidifier. 

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5. Product questions

Can I add essential oils to this product?

Yes you can add your chosen essential oils to this product, but oils must be added to the rocks on top with the warm light on. Any oils added to the inside base where the water is placed will damage the humidifier. 

Is this product battery or electric powered?

This product contains a battery which can be recharged through the mains. Once the product has been charged, wireless humidification can last up to 6 hours. 

What country plug does this product use?

This product comes with a USB cable which can be plugged into any USB plug. Allowing universal charging in all countries. 

Are the Crystals Included?

The crystals are included with the product, meaning you can receive the full benefit the product has to offer!


6. How to use?

Start by simply charging your Crystal Humidifier       

salt humidifier   

Lift the top lid from your humidifier

salt humidifier 

Pour water into your humidifier base

salt humidifier 

 Place the top lid back onto the bottom base of your humidifier

salt humidifier

Press the power button to turn on your Crystal Humidifier

 Then sit back & relax 

salt humidifier

  To activate the light mode hold the power button for 3 seconds

Additionally you can add a couple drops of oil on top of the rocks with the warm light on to add Aroma into your room.